What do I feed the Children?


Includes a serving of milk, a fruit or vegetable, and a bread or cereal. You can also serve a meat or meat alternate in place of the bread up to 3 days a week.

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 Lunch and Supper

Lunch and Supper include a serving of milk, a bread or other grain, a meat or meat alternate, and two servings of vegetables or a fruit and a vegetable.

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Snacks include your choice of two different foods from two of the four meal components: milk; fruits or vegetables; bread or other grains; meat or meat alternates.


Sponsors generally will have agreements worked out with different food vendors in each state! So if following these guidelines seems too difficult you can always look into setting up vendor provided food!

BUT if you have a qualified kitchen and trained staff you can also make the food on site! Here is a collection of CACFP approved recipes!


Many sponsors use a tool called Minute Menu! It is to help manage children and adult participating in the CACFP. You can get it here: https://www.kidkare.com/