CACFP is an indicator of Quality Child Care!

Your child care center may be eligible for reimbursement for serving healthy meals and snacks.

Eligible Child Care Centers

  • Licensed, non-profit centers; or
  • Licensed,  for-profit where at least 25% of its children can be classified into the free or reduced price category (Your sponsor will help you to determine this) ; or
  • Religious exempt Child Care Subsidy Vendor; or
  • Head Start Centers

CACFP Reimbursements for Child Care Centers

Reimbursement fudning varies. It is based on how many children are in care, the economic make-up of the families, the number and kinds of meals served, etc.

CACFP reimburses centers at free, reduced-price, or paid rates for meals and snacks served, increasing CACFP benefits to programs with the most children in need.

Potential Monthly Reimbursement for Child Care Centers:

Based on Reimbursement Rates Effective July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021

Based on 20 days of care, 2 meals, 1 snack daily

20 children at different reimbursement rates Monthly Reimbursement

15 children @FREE

3 children @ REDUCED

2 children @ PAID

10 children @ FREE

10 children @ PAID
 $1, 475.00
 2 children @ FREE

3 children @ REDUCED

15 children @ PAID

CACFP Benefits for Child Care Centers

  • CACFP Reimbursement funding helps cover the cost of meals.
  • Parents like knowing their children are eating healthy meals and snacks.
  • Centers receive free training and nutrition resources.

CACFP Participation Requirements for Child Care Centers

  • Serve meals and snacks that meet USDA nutrition requirements.
  • Must keep records, such as attendance, meal counts, menus, receipts, etc.

Virginia CACFP Sponsors Association makes it easy for you to participate in CACFP.


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