CACFP is an indicator of Quality Child Care!

Emergency shelters that provide residential and food services to children experiencing homelessness may participate in CACFP.

An emergency shelter may participate with the support of a sponsoring organization.

Eligible Emergency Shelters

  • Public or private non-profit shelters providing temporary residence to at-risk children and their families or to children only.
  • Must meet State or local health and safety standards.

CACFP Benefits for Emergency Shelters

  • CACFP Reimbursements help cover the cost of healthy foods for children.
  • Children receive nutritious meals and snacks.
  • Parents like knowing their children are getting healthy meals and snacks.

CACFP Participation Requirements for Emergency Shelters

  • May claim meals and snacks that meet USDA nutrition requirements.
  • Must maintain a daily roster for all children receiving meals by name, date of birth and dates of residency in the shelter; total meal counts by type; and menus for infant meals and meals served to children.

CACFP Reimbursements for Emergency Shelters

Reimbursements vary and are based on the number of children in care, number of days and kinds of meals served. CACFP reimburses emergency shelters for all meals and snacks served to children at the free rate.

For more information, you may contact Child Care Resources at 804-339-2022 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for sponsorship support.


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