CACFP is an indicator of Quality Child Care!

Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), also known as the Summer Meals Program offers nutritious meals and snacks to children during the summer months  when school is not in session.

Sites can participate with the support of a CACFP Sponsoring Organization. 

Eligible Summer Food Service Program

  • Just about any place where children assemble are eligible including community centers, schools, churches, libraries, parks.
  • Sites that are located in an area where their school (or census track) data shows 50% or more of the children are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. Your Sponsor will help determine your site's eligibility.

CACFP Benefits for Summer Food Service Program

  • Sites receive free meals through their sponsor.
  • Children have a place to receive meals during the Summer when school is not in session.

CACFP Participation Requirements for Summer Food Service Program

  • Participate in training.
  • Have a place to keep meals hot or cold.
  • Keep records, such number of meals served, menus, and delivery tickets.

CACFP Reimbursements for Summer Food Service Program

Summer Sites do not receive a reimbursement for the SFSP. Instead, they receive food from their Sponsor. 


Virginia CACFP Sponsors Association makes it easy for you to participate in CACFP.


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